Compiled By Dr. Dorothy J. Haire

Praise From The Pews

A 70 Day Devotional

Bread of Life Christian Church family share their testimonies in this 70-day devotional. Some are funny; some are sad; and some are thought-provoking. All are accounts of what God has done in our lives. As you read how God answered the prayers of ordinary people in extraordinary ways, you too will give Him praise!

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Dorothy J. Haire

I am so excited that you joined me. Sharing is one of the things I love to do. When I was in kindergarten, I would line my dolls in rows and teach them what I had learned that day. Now that I’m am in my 70’s, I am still passionate about sharing the knowledge I have received. You see, to get the most out of this life God gave to me, I search the ultimate life management manual – the Bible. On this site, I share the time-tested truths I have found for victorious living.

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The blog on rejection touched my heart. I started praying that prayer. I would have loved to have experienced the love of my earthly father but I have the love of my Heavenly Father.

– Linda Malone


Several of the blogs have been an encouragement. The story about the canine guardian angel stands out for me.

– Linda Galloway


The website has great testimonials from individuals that are thought-provoking and engaging. I enjoy reading the testimonials as they are encouraging to me.

– Jewel Radford


The website have encouraged me and given insight on the things that I need to work on in my walk with the Lord. I enjoy reading your interpretation of scriptures and all the comments from those who read them. Thank you for sharing your Godly wisdom with us.

– Arletha Thomas


Your weekly blogs have been a blessing to me. They’ve been inspirational, uplifting, helpful, and informative. They’ve often given a needed word for today, in addition to helping me look at things from a different perspective. Thank you for the blogs.

– Ola Harris


Thank you for for being so transparent and it’s helping me and I believe it’s helping others. We learn better in order to do and be better.

– Sandra Wayne

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