Research I did for a recently published article on “sleep” reminded me just how wise and loving our God is. I just kept praising Him as I discovered what He has already done for our benefit. God has put blessings in place for mankind that we often do not know about or that we take for granted.

For example, when we sleep the waste removal systems in the brain clear toxic byproducts like the plaques that contribute to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. I never knew that our brains build up toxic molecules when we are awake. The National Institutes of Health reports that the brain cleans itself when we sleep. Thank you, God.

Also, learning ability and memory are increased when we sleep. We have better recall and we process new information better.  Students are now discouraged from studying all night before a test. They are told to study a little each day rather than cram a lot the night before. Those who study a little each day do better on exams with a lot less stress and memory loss. Thank you, God.

Better decisions are made when we awake from quality sleep.  When we sleep, the brain filters the information we gathered through the day, reinforcing the important facts and trashing the facts we do not need. I have long had this experience, but did not understand the process. I would go to bed with a seemingly unsolvable problem and awake with the answer. God had already designed my sleeping brain to give me the answer that my “awake” brain could not give. Thank you, God.

Finally, dreaming is an added benefit.  It has been reported that songs, sonnets, and medical insights have been received in dreams.  Dreams give an insight into self-awareness, are self-healing, and are windows to the subconscious – revealing secret desires and dreams. God spoke to Joseph, Pharaoh, Solomon, and ten others in dreams in biblical times and He is still speaking to mankind in dreams today. Thank you, God.

These are only a few benefits sufficient quantity and quality of sleep give to us. My suggestion is that we take advantage of the gift our wise and loving God gave to us and go to sleep.

What are your thoughts about this wonderful gift of sleep?