There comes seasons in life when one is at a crossroad. This crossroad may be caused by prolonged periods of serving others with little self-care. It may be caused by the development of a serious medical issue or the development of difficult, personal relationships.

Sometimes the decision for a lifestyle change can be made in an afternoon or a day. Some use travel to think things through. Some practice prolonged periods of meditation or prayer. Some resign all committees and affiliations to go home and sort things out. Some seek wisdom from pastors, friends, family, or professional counselors. Nothing lasts forever, good or bad. There comes a time when a reset is needed in order to stay healthy in body, soul, and spirit.

I find myself in need of a reset. Life is busy and productive. I serve a lot of people in a variety of ways – everyday. However, frustration sets in when bedtime comes and I have not worked on my book; have not tried that new recipe; have not sat on my porch; and have not read that mystery novel that has sat on my bedside table for a month.

I am seventy-two years old and at a crossroad. It is time to leisurely rise and let my day play itself out.  It is time to slow down, breath, and relax. One day soon, I am going to take time out to assess my present life and decide the next season. Although life is good, it could be better. It is time for a reset.

How do you handle transition from one season to another? Share with me your reset moments.