This I declare of the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I am trusting him. For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from the fatal plague (Psalm 91:2-3, NIV).

My mother was always a little scared as she got off the bus at 11:00pm. each night coming home from her second job. Being a single parent with three young kids demanded more income. With no other reliable means of transportation, the bus was it. All alone, she had to rely on God to keep her safe.

One night after getting off the bus, she noticed two men on the opposite side of the street. They crossed the street, moving swiftly toward her. Fear rose up in her. Then two people came out of a nearby apartment building. The distraction allowed her to run home safely. The next night, the men were there again, but so was a huge German Shepherd dog she had never seen before. He walked her all the way home, escorted her through the back gate, and sat at the foot of the stairs until she reached the door. My mother said, “He was my guardian angel, and kept me safe when danger threatened. He was my canine security.”

Moses tells of God’s protection and ability to secure His people. He often does it in unexpected ways. He is able to deliver us from our enemies in ways we cannot imagine. God is our refuge and place of safety.

We can be assured that God will come to our rescue. He alone can save us from every trap of the enemy. His love for us is complete and sustaining. Trust Him, cry out to Him daily.

Prayer: Father, the plagues and storms of this life are many and dangerous. We trust you to protect us in ways we cannot imagine. We thank you in advance. Amen.

  • If you have experienced a supernatural move of God on your behalf, would you briefly share it with us.

  • Reprinted with permission, this week’s blog is an excerpt from “Praise from the Pews: A 70 Day Devotional” (2017). If you were encouraged by this devotional, you will really be blessed by the other 89 devotionals offered in “Praise from the Pews.” It may be purchased on the home page of this web site and will be shipped to you speedily.

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