Enjoy serving the Lord, and he will give you what you want. Depend on the Lord; trust him, and he will take care of you (Psalm 37:4-5, New Century Bible).

Everybody was taking trips, going on cruises, having fun, and living large. Even attending national conventions was seemingly out of my reach. I was taking my vacation days to clean house, paint, and wondered why I was the only one of my friends at home.

I thought that only people with a certain salary experienced these wonderful things. But that couldn’t be true because my friends were going, and they were not rich. I desired to go but did not know how. One day something clicked, and I finally talked to God about this situation. I asked God, “Why can’t I go?” He said, “Because you never asked.”  Once I had the revelation that I could go, I was given the knowledge of how. One friend told me that none of them had large sum of extra funds but made monthly payments. Another friend shared where reasonably priced luggage was and how to pack. One friend shared with me how to budget for clothes, food, and travel expenses. Everything fell into place once I understood that God would give me the desires of my heart.

God knows His trustworthy servants. He rewards those who consistently obey Him because of who He is and not for what He can give. He not only gives what His servants need, but He gives them what they want.

I do not know what your desires are, faithful servant. But I do know that God is not withholding any good thing from you. Lack of knowledge or fear may be holding you back from experiencing life to the fullest. God is waiting for you to decide to seek Him to attain the desires of your heart.

Prayer: Father, help me to trust you for the desires of my heart. Amen.

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  • Reprinted with permission, this week’s blog is an excerpt from “Praise from the Pews: A 70 Day Devotional” (2017). If you were encouraged by this devotional, you will really be blessed by the other 89 devotionals offered in “Praise from the Pews.” It may be purchased on the home page of this web site and will be shipped to you speedily.