This week I am on a personal retreat at a resort, a gift from one of my sons-in-law. During the first night, I awoke from a dream. I, along with others, were about to board a mode of transportation when I remembered I had forgotten something. I turned to run back to get it and the person in charge of the trip said, “If you go back, you will be left behind.”

I woke up and heard these words very loud and clear, “Be ready! Be ready to go, to do, to be! No hesitation! No going back! Be ready!” I immediately got up and wrote them down so that I would not forget when morning came.

Philosophers, psychologists, and researchers believe there are benefits to dreaming. Several benefits are to:

  • Improve problem solving (know the answer to a difficult problem not solved during waking hours).
  • Promote emotional and mental health (working through life issues too stressful to deal with during the day).
  • Enhance creativity (receive lyrics to a song or ideas for a play).

I do not know if the philosophers, psychologists and researchers are correct. I do not know how to interpret dreams. I do know the Bible says that God speaks through dreams to give his people wisdom. In a dream God told Joseph that his family would bow before him (Genesis 37), foretold Abimelek’s death because of Sarah (Genesis 20), and instructed Joseph to save baby Jesus from Herod (Matthew 2).

I do not know what my dream means, but I believe it came from God. So, I pray, “Heavenly Father, whatever you have planned for me, help me be ready. I do not want to be left behind.”  

Do you dream? Do you remember them? How have your dreams impacted your life? Share your comment below. #JoinTheConversation.