On December 11, 2018, I posted a blog entitled, “A SMART Life” in which I used five steps to reach my goal. SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based. My goal in 2018 read: “With Jesus’s help, my lifestyle (my words and deeds) will please God all the days of my life on earth and I will live with Him in heaven forever.” I received no comments on this blog! I do not know if the topic was not relevant or if no one wanted to share their goals at the time. 

However, since sharing my dream with you in the last blog (January 27, 2020), I realized (again) that a dream does not become a reality without a plan. So, I am going to plan my work and work my plan. I am going to utilize the SMART plan to write my book. In the past, I have let life’s circumstances delay me from writing this book, but no more! 

I am sharing my SMART steps with you because I want you to hold me accountable. I will periodically let you know how I am doing. My SMART steps this year are:

S (specific): I will write a life application manuscript for the book of James.

M (measurable): I will research for a minimum of an hour a day and write a minimum of 500 words a day, five days a week.

A (attainable): I will inform family, friends, etc. that I am not available before noon on week- days and I will go to the O’Fallon Public library where the atmosphere is conducive to intense study.

R (realistic): Realizing there will be weekdays when I must attend meetings, doctor’s appointments, etc. I will use Saturdays for make-up days when necessary. 

T (time-based): Manuscript will be completed, edited, and ready to present to publishers by July 26, 2020.

I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I also request your prayers. Family, friends, and church, I desire your support. Please understand that I am not available until the afternoon. With your cooperation, my determination, and Christ’s strength, I will do this!

Subscriber, how do you plan to reach your dream? If you have no plan, you probably won’t get there. I am not asking you to share your specific steps with us, but I am interested to know if you have taken the time to think things through. Shout out if you have a SMART plan or if you plan to formulate one. #Join the conversation.