Have you ever had a great idea, acted on it, and failed big time – because you missed an important step? 

I did – AGAIN!

This is what happened. I learned in my writing course that I should blog portions of my book and let you, my subscribers, respond. That way I would learn if I am meeting your needs and being relevant. I was so excited when you “joined the conversation.” This is what we talked about:

    • Count It All Joy – February 17, 2020
    • Where to Acquire True Wisdom – February 24, 2020
    • When Trouble Comes – March 2, 2020
    • Why God Won’t Answer – March 10, 2020

Then one day I asked a subscriber,

“How are you enjoying our study of the Book of James?”

“Huh?” she asked, “what are you talking about?”

“You have been responding to my weekly blogs. We have been studying the Book of James.”

“I didn’t know that. I just like the blogs. They cause me to think about my walk with God.”

I did not know how to feel. I asked another subscriber, and then a third. None of them knew we were working our way through the Book of James. I had made a major mistake as a writer. I assumed because most of my subscribers are Christians, they would realize what we were doing because they knew the Bible.  Wrong!

A good writer/ teacher/preacher knows that she must specify what will be taught, why it will be taught, and what the reader/student will receive from the teaching. With your permission let me rectify the situation.

Dear Subscriber,

Please join me as I share how the Book of James is as relevant today as it was when it was written over 2,000 year ago. James, the brother of Jesus, addressed the needs of God’s people while they were under extreme stress and duress, just as today. The Book of James is the perfect victorious living instruction book for such a time as this. If you want infallible action plans for overcoming the cares of this world, will you join me in a study of the Book of James.  Leave your comment at the end of this blog. Thank you.

Dr. Dorothy J. Haire

Bridging Bible and Real Life 

Stick with me, Dear Subscriber. With your input (reading and responding to the weekly blogs), I am writing better week by week. Together we will produce a book that will train people to reign over the cares of this old world, no matter how bad things get. As always, I ask if you will join the conversation. Much Love.