A 70 Day Devotional

Bread of Life Christian Church family share their testimonies in this 70-day devotional. Some are funny; some are sad; and some are thought-provoking. All are accounts of what God has done in our lives. As you read how God answered the prayers of ordinary people in extraordinary ways, you too will give Him praise!

What Will Your Get From This Book?

A place where people from all over the church come to post their stories, give and receive encouragement, grow in their faith and worship together.

How To Overcome Challenges By Leaning On Christ

While we can’t see the future, God promises great things for those that put their trust in him. He never fails, and he always keeps his promises.

Understanding How God Uses Trials To Teach Us

 People who went through hard times sometimes claim that it’s not the problem itself, but their response to the problem that’s the most difficult part.

Having Faith In God & Uplifting Your Spirit

Inspiring millions to find a place of peace, hope, and strength is what God stands for. We will help you spread His message through daily devotionals.


Dorothy J. Haire

I am so excited that you joined me. Sharing is one of the things I love to do. When I was in kindergarten, I would line my dolls in rows and teach them what I had learned that day. Now that I’m am in my 70’s, I am still passionate about sharing the knowledge I have received. You see, to get the most out of this life God gave to me, I search the ultimate life management manual – the Bible. On this site, I share the time-tested truths I have found for victorious living.

My Favorite Thought Provoking Blogs

Every day I try to inspire you, to motivate you, and to make you think. It’s just good to do – good for the world, good for every one of us.

The Root Of Adultery

The Root Of Adultery

If you are a Christian who has committed adultery, or are thinking about it, or know someone currently practicing it, please read this blog. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus began preaching on the topic of adultery by quoting the religious leaders of his time: “You...

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