Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4, NIV).

I love the Lord. I don’t even want to think about where I would be or who I would be if Jesus had not found me and saved me to the uttermost. I am so happy to be saved and a vessel for the Master’s use. He has equipped me and allowed me to serve Him as a witness, a teacher, a preacher, and a pastor for over thirty years. I am pleased to be an ambassador of heaven and strive to give my best at all times.

Not only am I happy to be in the service of God, but I enjoy His presence. Some commune with God through worship or dance or prayer. I enter His presence immediately when I open my Bible. I can imagine the scene and the emotions as I talk to Him about the situation. He corrects comforts, teaches, and reveals Himself to me through His Word. I delight in the Lord through His Word.

However, for a long time now I have had a secret desire. I have longed for a place where I could be “Dorothy”. Not Dr. Haire, Pastor Haire, or Professor Haire. Just “Dorothy”. That place has been elusive. There have been rare moments here and there: a trip to Egypt with strangers and vacations with my family. But I have not had a place I could go to on a consistent basis and just be me. After many years, God answered my secret desire in a surprising way.

About a year ago, I joined senior classes at the Y for health reasons. I saw a retired teacher in the classes who taught at one of the schools I serviced as a speech-language pathologist. After class she and others gathered at one of the scattered tables to wind down before driving home. One day I joined them and later labeled the table The Wisdom Table because I have never sat there and not learned something useful.

There are men and women, ages 66 to 89, who are active in their communities, churches, and clubs. They love their pets, still drive, and have hobbies: ride motorcycles, play golf, and run marathons.  Funny, smart, and non-judgmental, they welcome new-comers with open arms. With their permission, let me describe several of them to you:

  • Deborah is a magnet for people with problems. They tell her about their hurting bodies, their ailing pets, and their problem family members. Using her elementary school teacher expertise, Deborah listens attentively and assures them that everything will be alright. Deborah is a comforter.

  • Layvonne  has a servant’s heart, is active at her church, and is devoted to her family. She often comes to class late because she makes sure her grandchildren are taken care of first; but she still comes.

  • Mike uses an oxygen tank and not only exercises at the Y, but plays golf three times a week.  He is a jokester and keeps a smile on our faces.

  • Ron – lives on a 20 acre farm and remarried after his first wife of 33 years died of cancer. He patiently listens to our dilemmas and offers the male point of view. He is our wise, big brother and a good guy.

  • Vilma is from South America. She is grateful to be in America, tells great stories, and is a strong woman. For example, she was her husband’s primary care-taker when he had a heart attack and she had cancer.

  • Essie is funny, loves people, takes good care of her grandchildren, and teases a lot. The table is never dull when Essie is there.

  • Pam knows decorating, color schemes, and patterns. She is active at her church and is very compassionate and caring, especially toward her husband and son.

  • Muriel, 89 years old, walks the track using a walker and rides the bike five days a week. She is no nonsense, but friendly and welcoming.

  • Ora, 89 years old, uses a walker, drives, attends aquacise, and walks the track. She is a woman of unwavering faith who lights up the table with her smile.

These people are God’s answer to my heart’s desire. At The Wisdom Table I am Dorothy. It is wonderful. There are no special requirements, no demands, and no judgment. There are great resources at the table. Someone knows a good plumber, a roofer, a mechanic, or a gardener. At the table I can get great recipes and learn how to effectively get rid of moles. At the table I am accepted just as I am, with no titles, positions, or status. My soul is happy. I thank you God for giving me the desire of my heart in a way I could not have anticipated.

You may have a secret desire and have had it a long time. Just keep delighting in God. Keep communing with Him and enjoying His presence. In due season, He will give you the desire of your heart in a way you cannot imagine.  He is a promise keeper.

Share a time when God answered the desires of your heart.